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About Us

Cuffup is an extraordinary accessory that allows you to keep the sleeves of the shirt turned up in a practical, comfortable and elegant.

Bright and fashionable colors intertwine on an extensible ribbon and together with a button in true mother of pearl, bright and refined, give life to a unique creation of its kind.





Designed for modern man, in step with fashion, who always wants to be impeccable, maintaining harmony between practicality and elegance. It is worn with great ease, suitable for any type of shirt, with a perfect result. 

The sleeve of the shirt, stopping at the height of the forearm with the cuff of the exposed cuff, remains perfect and at the same time leaves freedom and lightness. It is an accessory to always carry with you and gives to the wearer of the shirt, personality, character and a unique style.



Cuffup has been defined as an innovative accessory by Forbes due to its unique design and practical functionality. The magazine has praised Cuffup for its ability to add a touch of refined style to shirts, transforming a traditional detail into a trendy accessory. Its Italian tailoring quality and attention to detail have captured the attention of fashion enthusiasts, making Cuffup a must-have for those who want to stand out with elegance.